OnSpa - Wireless Internet Hot Tub Control - Arctic Spas - Isle of Man

OnSpa® WiFi Connectivity featuring WebConnect

OnSpa® was introduced way back in 2011 and keeps getting better and more advanced every day. This advanced control system originally enabled full control of your Arctic Spa with your smart phone.

It has evolved to be much more and continues to have new features added on a regular basis. Onspa® is a control system that enables 2-way internet communication and control.

OnSpa® allows you to monitor and control your hot tub from anywhere in the world using the Arctic Spa App on your phone or via the myarcticspa.com web portal. OnSpa® allows our technicians to monitor and access your hot tub in real time, from anywhere in the world, anytime.

The core component of this must-have option is the EcoPack. This is the on board Arctic Spa computer. Pair the EcoPack with your home internet connection and OnSpa becomes activated and all of the benefits are yours.

Choose from a Wi-Fi connection from your hot tub to your home network, traditional Ethernet cable, or Ethernet-Over-Power connection via the existing power line. There are several ways to connect, but only one OnSpa®, and its only available on Arctic Spas.

OnSpa® also allows a steady stream of data from thousands of Arctic Spas around the world to be collected and analyzed on an ongoing basis. This data is used to make improvements in energy efficiency, performance, and reliability. It also allows us to detect malfunctions and issues that need attention before you even notice. Often, our technicians will detect and then remotely fix an issue before you even know about it. In cases where a technician needs to fix an issue on site, we can detect the problem and contact you to make a service appointment even before you are aware anything is wrong. OnSpa® is allowing us to deliver a whole new level of customer service that the hot tub industry has never seen before.